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Feel free to call us: (925) 405-5291

Where do you make these treats? 

In a licensed commercial kitchen in Concord. We follow all current CDC and Health Dept. guidelines to ensure our products are safe for you to enjoy.

Why do you only deliver one day/week?  

Pam does the baking with great help from her granddaughter Lindsey (almost 16). Lindsey and her sister Amanda (20) do all the deliveries. As a small but mighty team of three, delivering one day a week is all we can handle at the moment.

Why do you only deliver to 94595 zip code?

As mentioned above, we are a small team. During the launch of our new online bakery & confectionery, we want to make sure we can fulfill all orders for our Rossmoor neighbors very well before we expand our offering to the larger area around us in Walnut Creek, Lafayette and Alamo. If you are outside of the 94595 zip code but in one of these nearby areas and are interested in home delivery of our products, thank you sincerely for your interest and stay tuned for expansions of our service area. Sign up for our newsletter (see sign up box in footer of home page) to receive announcements of expansions of our service area.

What is the cut-off time for ordering for Friday delivery? 

Tuesday at 9 PM PT

Can I choose what time on Friday my order is delivered?

We offer three time slots for Friday delivery: Noon-2:00, 2:00-4:00 and 4:00-6:00. You will be asked to choose your time slot for delivery when you place your order.

Do you have gluten-free options? 

Yes! In our Luxury Comfort Cakes section we have Flourless Chocolate Cake. The Almond and Amaretto cakes can be made gluten free on special request (call Pam at 925-405-5291). In our Cookies section see the Gluten Free Oatmeal Raisin Cookies.

Do you accommodate special orders? 

Unfortunately, because we are a very small team, producing a long list of menu items, we aren't able currently to take on special requests for non-menu items. (With the one exception that we will make either the Almond Cake or Amaretto Cake in gluten free versions if requested. See above.)

Where do you get your ingredients?

Whenever possible, we use ingredients grown or made in California and Certified Organic. Many of our baked goods and confections feature the amazing bounty and quality of California fruits and nuts - certified organic whenever we can reasonably get them in that form. Even our flour, though not certified organic, is made from wheat grown in California. The amazing world-class chocolate we use in our confections is made by TCHO just a short distance from us in Berkeley. We are happy that TCHO offers some Certified Organic versions of their couverture products - milk chocolate (39%), a dark-milk blend (54%) and dark chocolate (66%) - all of which we have proudly used for several years and that make our confections exceptional.

Do you use earth-friendly packaging?

Yes, it is important to us to use minimal, sustainable, earth-friendly packaging whenever we can (recycled-recyclable-biodegradable-compostable). For example, most of the cellophane we use, such as for some of our cookie and confections packaging, is not only biodegradable as most cellophane is, but is a compostable version of cellophane, which means it breaks down entirely and takes its earth-friendliness several steps farther than regular cellophane.

What are your favorites? 

Everything on our menu is a favorite of the baker's (Pam) and of her customers over time, culled from the hundreds of recipes she has collected, tried and developed over the course of her more than 50 years of baking.

Will you be offering any additions to your menu?

Yes! Each month we will try to add a temporary-edition product as the Product of the Month, probably starting in July '20. Watch for it in the Sampler Boxes section which we'll probably rename the Sampler Box and Monthly Specials section. Also, based on customer feedback (including yours!), we may replace some items on our menu from time to time - putting in treats from our monthly specials and other sources that have proven more popular - or just to keep things interesting.

Will you have special holiday treats and gift-able items?

YES!!! We have so much fun celebrating the 4th quarter holidays with special baked goods and especially chocolates and other confections - and we happily put together pretty gift packages that our customers have loved - from small items for 'thank you's' for hairdressers etc. to big beautiful fancy gift baskets. Watch for our Holiday section starting in October. AND don't forget to check out our beautiful trays of Christmas cookies (just named that from tradition - everyone of all faiths loves these).